Geoffrey’s G.E.M.S #5: Creating Contentment in Your Life

Fourth of July weekend 2020. It’s Geoff here again on Sunday, July 5th.

Can you imagine living in total contentment, especially in the day and age we are living in today? Last week, I was watching an old ESPN clip. Remember Jimmy Valvano and his 1993 ESPY Award-winning speech? Even to this day, it’s one of the most watched motivational speeches in history.

What did he say?

Whatever you do, do the very best that you can. Never, never give up. Well, if you’re facing cancer or you’re facing the difficulties that we have right now, such as economic problems, people losing jobs, fear, those things. How can you possibly live in contentment? Well, Jimmy gave such incredible advice to us all. But you know what? I go back to the to the Bible where Paul said “cultivate a spirit of contentment.” There are some things that we all got to do.

#1: Never ever allow yourself to complain about anything. Not even the weather. Three hours ago, it was pouring rain. You couldn’t even see in front of you, and it’s now clear as day. Have an expectation that things will always get better.

#2: Don’t imagine yourself to be anywhere other than where you are. Just think about it. God planted you to be where you are right now—nowhere else. It’s his perfect place for you. Know and live in expectation of something good happening because he’s providing for you.

#3: Don’t ever, ever compare yourself to someone else’s situation. You know, there’s an old story about Jesus sharing his perspective on bearing a cross and one of his disciples came up to him one day. He said, “Jesus, I can’t carry the cross that I’m bearing right now. It’s just too much for me.” Then Jesus showed him this whole field. He says to the disciple, “Have your pick.” And the disciple went to go grab it. He said, “This is my cross.” The good Lord responded, “This is what I had for you all along.” So, try not to compare your situation to someone else’s. Live in the moment that God has given you.

#4: God loves you more than you could ever love yourself, and he has your best at heart—never doubt that. Otherwise, you’re going to live in regret, and that’s a tool of the evil one. We don’t want to ever live in regret. Live in your moment, as I said before. Have the discipline to live in that moment, and not get stuck in yesterday.

#5: Never dwell on tomorrow, because then that’s fear! “God’s not going to take care of me now. I’m going to live in fear! I’m going to dread tomorrow.” No, tomorrow will take care of itself. It’s in God’s hands. He is all-sufficient all the time, and he will provide for you. He’s got a name: Jehovah Jireh. He’s got another cooler name: El Shaddai. He’s the guy who shows up and is fully sufficient.

So, when you think about living this last half of the year, try to focus on the discipline to build a life and culture of contentment in your mind that will be infectious to all. Have a great day.

Published by Geoffrey S. Gallo ChFC, CExP

I am a New York-raised business leader whose purpose and passion is impacting the lives of individuals and my community through education, mentorship, and connection — bridging the gap between life and business.

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